Icarus-M Brings WeMade's MMORPG To Mobile Arena


Everyone's going mobile these days. WeMade is no exception. The company unveiled a trailer for their upcoming mobile action MMORPG Icarus-M. The Unreal Engine 4 mobile game will feature many of the systems currently in its PC sibling Riders of Icarus, including taming, raid bosses, and flying—according to Steparu.

The reveal comes a few weeks after NCSoft showed off their mobile port: Blade and Soul: Hongmoon Rising. I wonder if we'll see more mobile counterparts for MMORPGs in the future.

The Icarus-M trailer shows off quite a bit of action-oriented combat with flashy skills. It looks good: lots of colorful firework explosions. It does appear to be stage-based rather than an open world, but with limited details that's purely speculation.

No world on a release date or if the game will be ported to the West. I hope so.

Mobile is quickly catching up to the quality present on traditional hardware. It's only a matter of time before the difference between mobile games and PC games is arbitrary—at least on the surface-level.