Is NCSoft's Project A2 Secretly Aion 2?


NCSoft is working on a new MMORPG with the working title Project A2, and speculation suggests this may be Aion 2 (A2 → A[ion] 2), according to South Korean website The Fact.

This is rumorville territory so get too excited just yet. Although, NCSoft is known to use the convention "Project" and the first letter of whatever it is they're working on to designate a game. So, maybe.

Or maybe the game is actually called "A2" and NCSoft has decided they like to troll players and media—I wouldn't even be mad. We'll find out soon enough.

  • Kat

    Obviously just speculations at this point, but boy, I'd love to see what they could come up with for Aion 2... Fell in love with Aion years ago and always end up going back to it <3

    • LAMBDA471

      I would've liked AION better if it wasn't for the wings, I hate games with wings. Whatever this game is, I hope it doesn't have wings or flying.

  • xDrac

    Lineage 3 anyone?

    • Would be awesome, but with Lineage Eternal in the works, unlikely i think

      • Brandon Hasbrook

        Wasn't Tera Online supposed to be Lineage 3?

        • LAMBDA471

          That's the first time I hear that.

          • Vlad

            Yeah it kinda was...It was a big deal when Tera was announced. Supposedly Ncsoft tried to stop Tera release than they did this...

            "The Korean Supreme Court has confirmed the original guilty verdict in the lawsuit between publisher NCSoft and former NCSoft employees now working at developer Bluehole Studio. NCSoft accused Bluehole Studio's employees of stealing confidential information about Lineage III when they left the publisher."

            Not giving link not mmos

          • LAMBDA471

            Funny story, back when they were talking about TERA's upcoming release, it was the same time when they talked about RIFT's release and back then it was reffered to as Rift: Planes of Telara and I didn't care about either games and I didn't care so much that Telara and TERA looked so similar to me I was making a mistake each time I saw an article about either of them, that's probably why I missed any details about TERA being anyhow related to Lineage.

    • Alawami

      We can only dream

  • rpgmaniac

    All I care about from NCSoft is Lineage 3, if that's what their secret project is then consider me super-hyped, else not interested...

  • QuassarX

    if they're working on a project, I think is City of Heroes 2, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
    Please don't let it be a MOBA.

    • Vlad

      They already have Master x Master coming up for a moba game, don't worry about that.

  • Timothy Noël

    Aion 2 would be amazing! I really hope that would be the case.

  • Andres Rodrigo L

    aion was one of the best and most succeful online game for years. if they are planing to make "aion 2" i only want 6 things:
    -free to play forerver.
    -not wait 1 year to play the closed beta and then wait another year to play the open beta
    -gemapley like tera-riderz,
    -unlike aion , fly whenever you want wherever you want.
    -more "skins" for armor, weapons and hair (no pay to win cash shop).
    -more character customization options
    -and finaly 2 to 4 kinds of servers (more than 4 servers mean less player to play with per server)

    • Jesus Garcia

      - Subscription because F2P leads to P2W which leads to another empty dying game.
      - Not release closed beta so early because retarded youtubers give it a bad rep before the game is complete, and should wait until the game is semi-made to give an actual open beta
      - Gameplay that has less standing still, and more mobility.
      - I agree. You should fly wherever and whenever you want.
      - Skins should be one of the only things in the cash shop if you're going to beg for F2P, otherwise the game will be P2W just like Aion.
      - If that's even possible but hell yeah.
      - +++ MMO's die when there's too many servers and people refuse to merge.

  • Ian Kazy

    Aion was great, I dunno if it was dead when it went free to play or if it died when in went ftp, but that's when I quit. haven't really enjoyed an MMO like that since L2.

    • Jesus Garcia

      It's not entirely dead. You see high activity in the early afternoon, plenty of Wpvp but other than that it's pretty dead.