Kakao Reveals Revised Plans For ArcheAge Fresh Start Servers, Adds New Content For Day 1

archeage airship banner

It’s Kakao Games’ first day as publisher for ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained and for their first act as publisher, the team has revised their plans to open fresh start servers.

“Our goal with ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained was to deliver the experience that you desired from the start. Our intention was for it to be rewarding, seamless, and to remove many of the barriers to enjoyment. After listening to some of the feedback we have received, we realized that we were missing that mark, especially where the Fresh Start servers are concerned.”

Don’t worry, the new head honchos will still be opening new servers for those who want to start anew. They are, however, changing a few key details, the first of which are the opening dates.

Kakao will be opening 4 servers simultaneously as ArcheAge Legacy (NA/EU) and ArcheAge Unchained (NA/EU) on December 3. Further details on the server openings are available here.

The double XP event on Fresh Start servers will also be removed and level limits placed on player to player trading as well as access to in-game mail, auctions, and the storage box. The new servers will also be opening without Peace Time contrary to the initial announcement.

“Concerns over the use of multiple accounts and also hacks and RMT have led us to make this difficult decision,” explained Kakao. “Whilst this may be disliked by some, as it removes social aspects of the game that are at the core of ArcheAge, we ultimately believe that this will help combat some of the issues that you felt strongly about. This change is not permanent and we will be monitoring the economy and server activity until such a time as we feel it is safe to enable again.”

Meanwhile, the team has rolled out Day 1 patch which introduces a host of new content, including the Sea Shanty questline, Spelldance skills, the Black Thorn Prison dungeon, retooled ghost ship content, revamped guilds, new PvP content, a new faction global chat channel, the ability to choose different colors for each of a character’s eyes for some races, a bag sorting and search feature, changes to labor recharging, and a new quick-enter feature for dungeons.

Players can also look forward to more content and quality-of-life improvements in 2022 such as expanded harvesting, progression balance tweaks, additional guild PvE content, new gear, and the new Great Plains zone. The trade, crime, fishing, and aerial combat systems are also on track for release next year. You can check out the full patch notes on the ArcheAge official site.