Kingdom Under Fire 2 Set To Launch In Russia This Fall, NA/EU Afterwards


Thanks to a new interview with Blueside CEO Lee Sang-youn that was conducted by 2p, a number of new details regarding Kingdom Under Fire 2, including future plans for the Western version of the game. The important details are as follows.

  • China will be the first country that Kingdom Under Fire 2 will launch in.
  • The Taiwanese version will enter Beta a month or two after the Chinese launch.
  • The Russian version will enter Closed Beta this summer with an Open Beta planned to follow this fall.
  • The North American, European, Japanese, and Korean versions will follow after the Russian version launches.
  • The PC and PS4 versions are set to go live "simultaneously" in North America and Europe.

A few other interesting details about the game were unveiled during the interview.

  • While Kingdom Under Fire 2 was originally developed in the Blueside 2.0 engine, which supports up to 10,000 units on screen at once, Blueside is currently developing the Blueside 3.0 engine, which will support upwards of 60,000 units on screen at once.
  • The PS4 version of Kingdom Under Fire 2 will run on the Blueside 3.0 engine at launch, whereas the PC version will be brought to the new engine shortly after the PS4 version is released.
  • More classes are in development, including the Elementalist, Sorceress/Black Mage, and Paladin. Blueside is planning to release a new class once every four or five months.
  • The Chinese version's March Closed Beta will feature 120 different types of unit. That being said, approximately 350 types of unit have been developed and Blueside plans to release a new unit type once every month or two.
  • Guilds will be able to capture territory, build cities, and then upgrade those cities.
  • It was confirmed that Kingdom Under Fire 2 has cost approximately $78 million to develop thus far. 2p referred to it as "the most expensive Korean MMO ever created."

You can find the full interview here.

  • holy moly 78 million

  • LuanSCH

    WoW, i've been waiting for this announce for 3 years, I can't believe, this is one of the greatest mmorpg i've ever played!!!