Mobile Battle Royale Game Knives Out Coming To PlayStation 4 Next Year

knives out parachute battle royalePrepare to draw your knives PlayStation 4 players, or frying pans if you prefer, because NetEase’s mobile battle royale game Knives Out will be coming to the gaming console in the early months of 2019. Sony made the announcement at the PlayStation LineUp Tour held earlier this week. Sony writes in a recent press release:

“[. . .] the PlayStation version of Knives Out will retain the battle royale gameplay that is key to the mobile version. Specifically, one hundred players parachute onto the battlefield, where they scavenge for weapons and equipment to eliminate all opponents while avoiding being trapped outside of the shrinking safe zone as they fight to be the last man standing.”

It can be remembered that PUBG corp. filed suit against NetEase and Knives Out in April 2018 for alleged copyright infringement. NetEase responded to the lawsuit with a motion to dismiss calling the PUBG Corp.’s lawsuit “a shameless attempt by the PUBG Plaintiffs to monopolize the ‘battle royale’ genre of video games and inhibit legitimate competition.”