Krafton Consolidates Subsidiaries Into Four Main Studios

krafton games characters bannerKrafton, the parent company of TERA developer Bluehole and PlayerUnknown’s Battlgrounds developer PUBG Corp., along with several other smaller studios that they’ve acquired over the years, has now consolidated its subsidiaries into 4 main studios.

According to the official press release, the restructuring will give the studios a certain level of autonomy to pursue their creative visions and create their own unique identities. It will also allow the individual studios to focus on their respective games.

As part of the restructuring, PUBG Corp. is now known as PUBG Studio and will continue to support PUBG and PUBG Mobile while also looking for ways to expand the IP. PNIX and Delusion Studio have been merged into a new mobile game studio called RisingWings that will focus on developing new casual and midcore mobile games while also providing support for their existing games. Bluehole will retain its name and will focusing on large-scale MMORPG titles including TERA and Elyon. Last but not the least is Striking Distance, a newly-formed AAA studio that’s currently working on an untitled PUBG-inspired project.

More information about Krafton and its subsidiaries can be found on the company's official site.