Kritika Online Rings 2018 in with the Chosen Path Update; Enlightened Monk Class

kritika online warrior rogue

Though we may be nearing the halfway mark of January, Kritika Online plans to start 2018 off right, with an early version of Build v100 up on the Public Test Server now!

  • The Monk has been added to Kritika Online
  • The Imprint System has been added for all classes, giving players more control over their character skills to better fit their playstyle
  • Equipment is being added to Reward Cards from Abelard and Titan Stages, and Unique Weapon Charms are coming to the Boss Drops
  • New Evolutions for select Pets, with a collection system coming as well, as part of the Pet Renewal
  • 2v2 PvP is coming, with a Brand New PvP Map

And this is just for January. Coming in March, players can expect-

  • A level cap of 70
  • 2nd Awakenings, a new type of Sub-Class
  • Phase 2 of Pet Renewal, adding Pet Equipment
  • New Competition System

No concrete date for when this is coming to Live servers has been given yet, but it's quite likely it will be before January ends.

"During his galacian martial art training, the Monk was struck by a corrupted creature, leaving him scarred and imbued with an alien dark magic. Control the dark energy and pummel enemies with the power of the stars."