KurtzPel Opens Pre-Registeration for Closed Beta Testing, Launches Official Website

Kog Games launched the official website for Kurtzpel today as well as opened up registration for closed beta testing. Those interested in checking the game out can apply for a beta key here. Keep in mind though, no specific date has been announced just yet for CBT. This upcoming beta will feature changes based on player feedback from previous alpha tests. Also worth checking out is the latest dev blog posted on the KurtzPel site which discusses major changes to the game and the design philosophy behind these changes.

The game is also now billing itself as an 'Upcoming 2v2 PvP title', so players should expect a much greater emphasis on PvP rather than typical MMO elements. According to the game's Steam store page, KurtzPel will be launching sometime in Q1 2019.

Further reading: CBT Patch notes