KurtzPel Addresses Pay-To-Win Controversy And Makes Game Truly Free-To-Play

kurtzpel elven ears

Ever since KurtzPel launched a few days ago, KOG’s anime-themed brawler has been plagued with complaints and accusations of being pay-to-win. With two out of four Karma’s locked behind a buy-to-play DLC wall, we understand where the negative feedback is coming from. Fortunately, KOG has heard your cries of outrage and apologizes for the “oversight” in a letter from the [...]

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KurtzPel Launches Into Early Access

After several rounds of closed beta testing, KurtzPel officially launched into early access on Steam. KurtzPel is a 2v2 anime inspired action battle game primarily focused on PvP. The game has some PvE elements, but the core gameplay here revolves around 2v2 PvP battles. The game's Steamcharts page hasn't updated yet, but the game's concurrent players can be found here. [...]

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Kurtzpel Early Access Delayed Until Q2

Despite hosting a successful closed beta last month, Kurtzpel announced today that Early Access launch will be pushed back to Q2 (from its initial Q1 release date). Check out the full announcement below: Hello Chasers, this is the KurtzPel Team. We would like to thank each and every one of you for following KurtzPel. We have notified everyone that KurtzPel’s [...]

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