Latest Dragomon Hunter Update Introduces 300 versus 300 PvP Battleground


It may not be quite on the level that Aika's infamous battlegrounds are, but Dragomon Hunter's latest update introduces colossal 300v300 PvP battleground. The new battleground is called The Final Frontier. It pits two teams against each other in heated combat, racking up points through both mounted and unmounted combat. Points earned allow players to unlock more war mounts for use in The Final Frontier. A smaller arena, Dragonrider's Vale, allows players to take part in 5v5 mounted combat, should 300v300 be too hectic for them.

Several additions to the game's PvE segment were also made in this update. Players can now head to their guild's lodge to take on the Sovereign Terror. This boss requires an entire guild to bring it down. It can drop rare items as rewards, including "a special mount." The Crab-Dillo dungeon is being opened alongside it, allowing players level 48 and up to jump in either solo or in a party of three.

For more information, head to the official website.