Latest Tree Of Savior Update Introduces New Classes, Zones, And Raises Level Cap

tree of savior new archer scout classesIMC Games will be rolling out a massive update today for their free-to-play MMORPG Tree of Savior. The update will introduce four new classes to the game which will give Archers and Scouts new paths to follow.

Archers will be able to advance into either the Matross, a cannon-wielding support class, or the Tiger Hunter, a musket-equipped class that’s strong against Beast type mobs. Scouts, on the other hand, will be able to choose between the Ardito, a close-range dagger and grenades class, or the Sheriff, a pistol wielding class that can deal massive damage to single targets.

The update also includes new high-level zones, monsters, and quests to give players more opportunities to get their characters up to the new 420 level cap. The devs will also be holding events to help you reach the top. The Growing Together event will reward old, new, and returning players with consumables and boosts in exchange for Adventure Sprouts. The Growing Evergreen Weekend Boosts will also grant players increased movement speed and double XP boosts every weekend starting this Satuday, May 18th, until Sunday, June 16th.

In addition, Raid Portal Stones requirements will be reduced for Unique Raids while entry to Legend Raids will be limited to 5 times per week per team when the update rolls out. The new Legend Raid Portal Stones, however, can be used to for additional entries. Players can also look forward to combat and skill changes, new premium packages, graphic and UI improvements, and lots of bug fixes.

You’ll find the full patch notes on the Tree of Savior official site. You can also watch the new classes in action in the video below.

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