Legends of Aria CBT Begins January 29

Legends of Aria, previously known as Shards Online, will launch into "Closed Beta 1" on January 29th, 2018 with founders packs also going on sale starting on the same day. Characters created during the final alpha will NOT be wiped going into closed beta and there won't be any NDAs in place.

For those who haven't kept up with Legends of Aria, it's a buy to play fantasy MMORPG that draws quite a bit of inspiration from old school PvP heavy MMORPGs like Ultima Online and Runescape. It's a "full loot" PvP MMORPG with a skill based progression system instead of a traditional leveling based system. One aspect of Legends of Aria that helps to differentiate it from other titles is the ability for players to create their own versions of the game with different rulesets and mechanics.

Legends of Aria PAX East 2017 Teaser

Closed Beta 1 Highlights:

  • New World Area – Eastern Frontier: The low fields and calm beaches of the Eastern Frontier lies in the North East of Celador. Home to the mining city of Helm and the plains of Denir, the Eastern Frontier is a prosperous new land to call home.
  • Two new major cities – Helm lies on the Lume Coast at the foot of the Iron Peak mountains and a refuge for miners and crafters. Pyros Landing is located on the tip of the Southern Rim and a bustling centre for business and trade.
  • Additional World Dungeon – Contempt: Much like it’s sister dungeons Ruin and Deception, Contempt is filled will all sorts of nasty undead creatures. It is currently the only undead dungeon with a boss, the Demon Lord.
  • Catacombs Dungeon: We are excited to reopen our biggest and most dangerous dungeon, The Catacombs. This dungeon is a triggered server wide event tailored towards large groups and the final boss, Death, will require more than just numbers to defeat.

Major Systems Overhauled

  • The Karma & Conflict System (formerly known as the criminal/flagging system) ensures that all player actions, be they positive or negative, are recognised in each players own Karma score. This system replaces all arbitrary criminal flags and ensures that risk vs reward is maintained in all aspects of play.
  • User Interface: Our goal with these changes was to keep you fully immersed in the game world by limiting the distraction of artificial UI elements.
  • Collision and Movement Improvements: One of the biggest issues from Final Alpha. Movement is now much smoother and more enjoyable.

Balance Changes

  • Balance patches across combat and magic skills.
  • Mounted Combat: The hit and run tactics of Final Alpha have been severely limited with changes to using and accessing mounts.
  • Guard Zones: The guard zones have been adjusted to encourage players to venture outside the safety of guards while still providing a very large safe space for those who want to play without the worry of being PKed.
  • Teleport Tower Changes: Teleport towers have been moved closer to the cities and the gatekeepers now protect players from attackers.
  • Fast Travel: You can purchase teleportation runes from the gatekeepers which allow mages to teleport and open portals to the towers from anywhere in the world.
  • And of course, 100’s of bug fixes for issues that were reported during Final Alpha!