Legends of Aria CBT2 Launching July 12 With Graphical Overhaul - Open Beta Launching in August

The Ultima Online / Runescape inspired sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria is launching into closed beta 2 on July 12th with a massive graphical overhaul. Besides the new visuals, CBT2 includes hundreds of bug fixes, server optimizations, new tamable animals, secure trading, fast travel, combat changes, and so much more.

While the game's previously disclosed release schedule has been missed (they were aiming for open beta in June with early access in July), it's good to see the game making progress. The folks over at Citadel Studios did update their roadmap though and they're now aiming for an open beta sometime in August, 2018 with a Steam early access launch in the Fall.

For a full list of changes coming with CBT2 check out the official post here.