Legends of Aria Launching on Steam on December 4

Legends of Aria, the sandbox fantasy MMORPG inspired by Ultima Online, is finally launching on Steam on December 4th. Anyone who pre-orders the game between now and December 3rd will gain access to a 7 day head start program and obtain all other founder's pack bonuses. Anyone interested in Legends of Aria should pre-order, as the game will be buy to play at launch anyway.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since we began this journey,” said Citadel Studios Founder Derek Brinkmann. “So much has changed since then. We’ve gone from making a smaller scale online RPG to making the large-scale full-on sandbox MMORPG we’ve been dying to play since Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, and EverQuest first made us all believers in the genre years ago. We’ve got even more content and additions planned for the future of Aria, but we’re just excited to finally open the doors and see what the players will do in our world this December.”

Legends of Aria looks to older MMORPGs like Runescape and Ultima Online for inspiration. The game features a skill based progression system rather than simple level ups and also has a single large open world. The game also aims to differentiate itself with its unique emphasis on modding. Players will be able to create their own servers with their own custom scripts and rulesets.