Legends Of Aria Will Be Adding A Third Faction In The Upcoming Allegiance Update

legends of aria roles groupUpcoming sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria is still largely a work in progress with various systems being tweaked and revamped as the game moves along the development process. This time around, the devs are revamping the game’s Allegiance system to encourage more players, and not just “murderers”, to participate in faction vs. faction PvP.

“Allegiances are an opt-in system, and currently we think we can do better to encourage more activity,” explains Game Designer Brandon Taylor. “We know that this has been an issue for a while now, and we don’t want PvP to be exclusive to murderers. This is a system that we hope continues to evolve and be added onto.”

To shake things up a bit, the devs will be introducing a third Allegiance to the game. Once the Allegiance changes roll out, players will be able swear allegiance to Lord Ebris in Eldeir. This should introduce a new dynamic into the game’s faction war with three factions now vying for supremacy instead of just two. The Ranking system has also been reworked so favor and rank points are retained even when switching Allegiances. “We want players to mix things up, and for there to be incentive to join less dominant Allegiances,” adds Taylor. Rankings will also be reset each season to periodically give players a fresh start.

Allegiance Events will also be introduced that will reward players for participating in faction vs faction PvP. These events will be “localized, periodic scenarios” that will pit Alliances against each other to accomplish a goal. Players will be rewarded with Allegiance currency which can be exchanged for both cosmetic items, gear, and mounts.

The Allegiance update will be rolling out on the test servers soon. We’ll let you know as soon as Citadel Studios announces a release date. You can also head over to the Legends of Aria official site to learn more.