Legends of Aria Launching 'New Dawn' Update on December 5, Adds Free to Play Accounts

Legends of Aria, the sandbox fantasy MMORPG from Citadel Studios, announced that its upcoming 'New Dawn' update is set to release on December 5th. Besides introducing a whole host of new features (New warrior abilities, the return of the Wilderness, Townships, Militias, World bosses, Leagues of Celador, and more), it also introduces a first ever free tier account. Free accounts will have access to nearly all of the content in Legends of Aria, but will need to purchase a citizen's pass (buy the game) to own a home, launch a player shop, unlock more bank space, and play on community servers. It's actually a surprisingly generous free to play tier.

Legends of Aria is inspired by classic MMORPGs like Runescape and Ultima Online. It features open world PvP elements, skill based progression, and even an Ultima Online like UI and top down perspective.

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