Legends Of Aria Militia System Has Been Suspended Until Further Notice

legends of aria league mounts bannerCitadel Studios will temporarily be disabling the militia faction system in Legends of Aria at the end of the current season for undisclosed reasons and will instead be shifting their PvP development efforts to Chaos Zones and the new Arena Leagues. The militia merchant, however, will still be available in Belhaven for those with leftover militia talent points to spend.

The developers also announced that they will be rolling out Arena Leagues with Point Release 10: The Frozen Tundra. “The competitive arena is located in Pyros Landing and allows players to compete in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 teams. Each player earns an arena ranking (ELO) for each team tier they participate in. At the end of each arena season awards and titles will be handed out to players depending on the rankings they achieved.”

The top players in the Leagues will earn unique titles, mounts, rare cosmetics, and the bragging rights that come with them. Head over to the Legends of Aria official site for more details.