Legends of Aria Postpones Steam Launch to March

Legends of Aria was originally set to launch on Steam in late December of 2018, but it was pushed back to early 2019. Citadel Studios, the company behind the game, announced yesterday that Legends of Aria will be pushed back on Steam once again, this time to March 21, 2019. Those eager to check this one out though can purchase it and begin playing it immiedietely on the game's official site. In the meanwhile though, the game's dungeon expansion update is set to launch on January 30th.

Highlights of the upcoming dungeon expansion update:

  • Our 3 wilderness dungeons, Deception, Contempt and Ruin are getting a face lift and now each have unique looks to match their locations in the world.
  • All three dungeons are more than doubling in size.
  • Level 2 of these dungeons contains more difficult content that is scaled for end-game and groups.

Further reading: Official announcement and Development blog