Legends Of Aria Previews Improved Cooking And Gardening System

legends of aria housing lightsLegends of Aria dives deep into the game’s revamped Cooking and Gardening system in their latest developer diary. According to Game Designer Ben Phelps, the goal was to make cooking more desirable by giving players more incentive to use the skill. “Cooking was a flat trade skill,” explains Phelps, “it didn’t offer much to the player base other than the ability to regenerate stamina and health.”

With the revamped system, players can now create food items to buff health, mana, stamina, and even weight capacity. The ingredients used in cooking will determine the buffs that the player will get when food is consumed allowing players to cater the food they cook to different play styles. “As your skill in cooking improves you will be able to create more and more powerful foods to buff these attributes,” adds Phelps.

The improved cooking system also now requires a wider variety of non-meat ingredients during the cooking process. This is where the new Gardening system comes in. The Gardening system isn’t skill-based and can be used by any player even those who don’t have their own plots of land.

“There are two types of containers for gardeners; pots and raised beds (planter beds). Pots can be used anywhere, they can stay in your backpack, your bank, a box in your house, your friends house, my house, really anywhere! In contrast, raised beds can only be placed on plots or within houses, but open up more plant varieties and give a boost to harvest yields.”

Phelps promises that the Gardening system won’t be limited to growing ingredients for cooking. “We have plans to allow for decorative plants and the ability to grow items that will not be cooking specific,” concludes Phelps. “Getting this first version of gardening out to you will allow you to play with it and tell us what you like and don’t like about it.”

Learn more about the Cooking and Gardening system on the Legends of Aria official site.