Legends Of Runeterra Exec Producer Promises Monthly Update Cadence And Less Trash Cards

legends of runeterra demacia luxRiot Games’ Jeff Jew, Executive Producer of the upcoming online CCG Legends of Runeterra, talks about their plans for the game in a recent interview with PCGamer. According to Jew, the team is committed to delivering monthly updates to respond to keep the game balanced, fresh, and to incorporate player feedback, especially during open beta. A mobile version is also slated for launch later this year.

"Right now we’re in the kitchen-table card game mode—you’re playing with the cards you got, you’re buying some, but you’re also making due. So the make-due meta will transition into the full decks that everyone can build by the end of weeks three and four, and if you combine that with a monthly patching cadence, hopefully the game will feel differently week after week."

Jew says that the development team is also hard at work on new game modes and making sure that each and every card is viable in the game. “My hope is that by lowering the number of trash cards and getting win rates between different regions that feel good, players will feel like they just need to try a different combination,” he said. “And if the meta is actually stale and three decks have high win rates or one card has a 100 percent play rate, they’ll have confidence that we’ll do something about it.”