Lineage 2: Revolution Earned Over $41 Million In Its First Two Weeks Online, $171 million in First Month


When I logged into Lineage 2: Revolution on launch day and saw the crowd pictured in the image above, I knew that it was going to be a hit. That being said, I could never have predicted that it would be as much of a hit as it is. According to ThisIsGame, the mobile Lineage 2 spin-off made a staggering 7 billion Korean Won—approximately $5,829,110 according to Google—on launch day. It then proceeded to make a total of 50 billion Korean Won, or approximately $41,658,000, in its first two weeks online. That's an average of almost $3 million per day—and thus far, it's only available in South Korea.

It is estimated that Lineage 2: Revolution is averaging approximately 500,000 concurrent users. There are 120 servers, each of which can hold around 7,000 players. This means that a total of 840,000 players could be online at any one time. Some popular servers are still seeing queues of upwards of 2000 people during peak hours even though it has been several weeks since the game launched.

Update: Lineage 2: Revolution went on to earn $176 million in revenues in its first month and had daily active users of 2.15 million. It's headed for a global release sometime in 2017.

Have you played Lineage 2: Revolution yet? Do you plan to?

  • That's what i call a successful mobile cash grab.

  • asahi.tanuki

    This game has been the only game I've been playing for about 3 weeks now. My only real complaint is the lack of a dodge / roll or iframes (unless it has it and I'm just not timing it right?). It really reminds me of H.I.T. but open world and slightly slower combat. I prefer H.I.T.'s combat over Lineage but just a little and the open world maps make up for it. That and I can't figure out what the red gems you get from the infinite hunting ground dungeon are used for?

  • Zariarn

    I'm aware of the original Lineage 2 but I'm curious if they will port this version to PC.

    • Matt

      Sadly, there's no chance that it will be ported to PC. Netmarble has become a mobile-exclusive company at this point.

      • Zariarn

        ah, I had no idea. Thank You for the information.

  • Sheefit

    English speaking servers?help