Lineage Eternal's Multiple Hero System Isn't What We Thought It Was


Figuring out exactly how Lineage Eternal's multiple hero system works has been a process, but, with the first Closed Beta having begun today, I think we've got it figured out this time. Previous inferences made based on the most recent trailer were not exactly accurate. You see, when you are outside of a dungeon, you will control only a single character. You have a team of four at all times and you can switch between them when needed, but the others will not follow you around. In fact, it will actually be necessary to switch between them, as you must level each character individually, as well as outfit them with gear.

Dungeons enact different rule sets. You won't be allowed to switch which hero you are actively playing as while in a dungeon, but certain dungeons will require you to play as a single hero whereas others will allow your full squad of AI companions to follow behind you.

It is still unclear how PvP works, as there are no videos showing off PvP gameplay at this time.