Lord Of The Rings Online Brawler Class And Legendary Item Revamp Now Live On PTS

lord of the rings online eagle mountain banner

Standing Stone Games has opened the new Bullroarer Public Review server to give players a chance to test out the highly-requested and long-overdue Legendary Item overhaul along with the new Brawler class, the first class to be added in the game since Beorning in 2014.

“The Brawler is a melee class conceptually based on the legend of Helm Hammerhand, who fought bare-handed at one of the greatest sieges of Helm’s Deep and was known for his savagery in battle. Brawlers forgo weapons in favor of Battle Gauntlets and steel armor, hurling themselves into battle to the benefit of friend and devastation of foe. The main focus for brawlers is damage per second, off-tanking, and support. Any race in Middle-earth can be a Brawler, except for Beornings, which are their own race and class combination.”

The server is now live for content creators and will be opening its doors to the public later today. Do note that both the Brawler and the Legendary Item changes are still in their early stages of development and may change on official release.

More information can be found on the Lord of the Rings Online official forums. Community Manager Cordovan also talks about the playtest in his latest Cord of the Rings livestream. You can check out the full stream below.

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