Lord Of The Rings Online Rolls Out New Race/Class Combos And Minstrel Rework

lord of the rings online delving screenshot

It’s a big day for Lord of the Rings Online players as they can finally get to play as a Dwarf Captain, a Hobbit Champion, or any one of the new race/class combinations that Standing Stone Games has rolled out with Update 33.2. If you’ve been thinking about rolling a new alt, here’s a list of the new race/class options that are now available:

  • Dwarf Captain
  • Dwarf Warden
  • Stout-Axe Captain
  • Stout-Axe Warden
  • Elf Burglar
  • High Elf Burglar
  • Hobbit Champion
  • Hobbit Lore-Master
  • Man Runekeeper

Update 33.2 also introduces the massive and highly-debated changes to the Minstrel class which has now had its Protector of Song trait tree removed and revamped as a passive tree. This gives players access to yellow trait skills while being able to specialize in other trait lines. Anthems and Ballads have also had their effects and effect durations tweaked to for faster casting in addition to newly-added effects for each of the three Stances. Details can be found in the full patch notes here.

All Minstrel class trees have now been reset, allowing players to re-spend their class trait points on a different specialization.

For those eagerly awaiting the Lord of the Rings MMORPG’s next mini-expansion, Before the Shadow is now available for pre-purchase ahead of its release on November 9th.

“Reveal the mysteries of the One Ring as you venture through the reedy fens of Swanfleet and the moors of Cardolan,” reads the release notes. “Journey alongside Boromir to Rivendell, and run afoul of the Witch-King and Nazul in their pursuit of ‘Baggins’ and the peaceful land of the ‘Shire’ as shadow begins to pour forth from the land of Mordor.

Before the Shadow Teaser Trailer - The Lord of the Rings Online