Lord of the Rings Online Launches Update 23 'Where Dragons Dwell'

While Lord of the Rings Online is certainly a bit of an oldie (2007 release), it's still getting updated regularly. Standing Stone Games and Daybreak released the game's 'Where Dragons Dwell' update today (Update 23) which increased the game's level cap by 5, introduced a new ironfold crafting tier, added new zones, and more. Take a look at the highlights below:

  • Exploration of new and expanded regions: Players can now adventure through iconic Middle-Earth locations including the Iron Hills, Grey Mountains and Erebor.
  • Increased Level Cap - Level cap has been increased by 5 for players along with an increased level cap for legendary weapon legacy.
  • Introduction of the Bassoon: The Bassoon is the latest addition to LOTRO’s acclaimed instrument system—a system that allows players to write and play their own music in the game, while maintaining the sounds of real world musical instruments.
  • Limited time in-game gift: All players can head to the LOTRO Store and receive a Dwarven Miner’s Helm gift using the code STARTMINING.

Lord of the Rings Online is available as a free to play game, but accessing all the content does require players to purchase the game's latest expansions. The game currently averages ~630 players online at any given time on Steam.

Learn more about the update on the game's official update page here.