Lower-Tier Ships In Star Trek Online Will Become More Accessible Come April 9th

star trek online dilithium ships bannerSince top-tier scaling starships were introduced into Star Trek Online last year, the lower tiers naturally took a back seat. This, however, meant that the variety of starships exploring the far reaches of space were lessened to some extent. Arc Games is looking to change that with an update that makes Tier 1 to Tier 4 ships more accessible to new captains.

“The Khitomer Alliance has begun a brand new initiative in the wake of new technological advances across the galaxy. They’ve noticed no surplus of young, ready Captains looking to explore the final frontier, but there is a surplus of older model ships, perfectly capable, but waiting for the right Captain to take them up. With that in mind, we’re making a change to all Tier 1 through Tier 4 ships in the Ship Requisition Store. These ships will no longer require Zen to requisition. Instead, they will all be requisitioned through a modest donation of Dilithium.”

Starting April 9th, players will be able to purchase Tier 1 ships for the low price of just 1,000 Dilithium, Tier 2 ships for 2,500 Dilithium, Tier 3 for 5,000 Dilithium, and Tier 4 starships for 10,000 Dilithium. But wait, there’s more! The Zen requirement to purchase these ships will also be removed. The only catch is that unlocked ships will only be available to characters who purchase them instead of being account-wide.

Warp over to the Star Trek Online official site for more details. Before you do that, why not take a few minutes to learn more about how the 10th Anniversary Episodes were put together. The developers talk about them in the video below.