Luna Online is Returning Through Suba Games


Suba Games, the necromancer of dead MMOs, is bringing back Luna Online later this year. The cutesy anime inspired MMORPG was available in the West through gPotato (Gala net) up until they shut shut it down in 2012. The game never reached commercial success in the West, but it looks like it'll have another shot through Suba Games. This was confirmed through GM Alectrronas on the official Suba forums:


No word on when the new version is set to launch, but we should learn more soon. Suba Games is one of the oddest MMO publishers out there. They're truly the "necromancer" of game publishers as they always seem to focus on previously shut down titles rather than working to bring any new games to the West. Their unique business model allows them to keep costs low as these games typically have minimal license fees and have already been localized by other western publishers.

They currently publish Ace Online, Bounty Hounds Online, Divine Souls, Lucent Heart, Dream of Mirror Online, Priston Tale, and 9Dragons.