MageRealm Announces New Epic Bosses

Browser-Based 3D MMORPG, MageRealm, has announced a few details for their upcoming Wrath of Oaklane update. Within the update, players will have a chance to fight against 10 new bosses called "The Wraiths" that will be available starting at player level 29. Access to these bosses will be achieved through tokens earned in "Hot Events" and can also be obtained from the Wraith bosses. These bosses feature multiple difficulties with the buy in and rewards being scaled accordingly. 145518168_1

"... and each other."

There is a slight PvP aspect to this in that the player who lands the killing blow will receive additional rewards... which I can imagine will get a bit frustrating. But fear not... if the prospect of a person standing around waiting to ninja that last hit killing blow doesn't tickle your fancy— you can simply kill them outright as Open PVP will be enabled in the new Boss dungeons. This can be sure to be a huge clusterfuck, that may actually be fun.

You can check out the official announcement here.