MageRealm's Latest Update Is Causing A Panic

Two days ago, GTArcade launched Update 2.50 for their wildly popular browser-based MMORPG, MageRealm. Players weren't happy with it. That entire thread is full of players that are unhappy with changes to stats, leveling, and more. There are also a great many players unhappy with the fact that their wings—that they paid for—were taken away a week ago while the team rebalanced them. But that's not all.

According to a post on Reddit, players are currently leaving the game in droves because the new update has introduced several exploits that invalidate monetary investments into the game on a large scale. There is apparently an "easy to discover" exploit allowing players to get several copies of end game gear easily. Players that switch servers are credited with 99999 units of cash shop currency. Many players have suffered loss of gear and stats.  There are also several events that they "did not even test" making their way to live servers, with rollbacks already promised.

The best part? Supposedly, none of this has been addressed because the developers don't work on weekends. Even if they've just pushed out a major patch. A forum moderator say exactly that in the thread about the "rogue" events. It will inevitably be dealt with, but perhaps not quickly enough. The effects will certainly be felt for some time to come.