Magic: The Gathering Arena's Direct Challenge Feature Finally Launching Nov 15

Magic: The Gathering Arena from Wizards of the Coast has been in open beta since September 27, 2018 but has been missing a vital feature common in practically every online game - a friends list. That means players couldn't challenge their friends and simply had to settle with playing against strangers online, which while fun, is a bit silly for a game in open beta, which nowadays practically means release. Fortunately, players don't need to wait much longer to play against friends. A direct challenge system is coming to the game on November 15, with much more robust social features coming soon.

I've personally been playing a bit of Magic: The Gathering Arena since it launched into open beta. I've long been a fan of the game and have been playing it offline on and off for years. Anyone interested in digital card games should give this one a try. Think Hearthstone, but with much more depth, but with that comes a lot of complexity too. While I'm having a lot of fun with Arena, the game is quite a bit slower paced than Hearthstone, with average matches taking longer to complete.