MTG Arena Open Beta Launches September 27

Magic: The Gathering Arena officially launches into open beta on September 27th, 2018 - meaning anyone can jump in and start playing. As with most closed betas, all player progress will be wiped before open beta launches. Like Hearthstone and Shadowverse, MTG Arena will be free to play and players will be able to earn packs by completing daily missions. Unlike other CCGs though, players won't be able to disenchanted and craft cards, so it'll likely be much harder to obtain specific cards in MTG Arena than other games. Players who participated in CBT will get 3 special Planeswalker cards at launch.

To celebrate the game's open beta launch - MTG Arena will be hosting a special Singleton event with no entry fee (kind of like Arena) where players build a deck with only a single copy of any standard legal card.

Magic the Gathering has long been my favorite card game but it really never had a good digital version, perhaps due to its complex mechanics and card interactions. Hopefully MTG Arena can popularize the game online.