Manticore Games Officially Launches New Game-Creation And Sharing Platform Called Core

core logo black bg bannerManticore Games has just begun Alpha testing today for their new game development platform called Core. According to the official press release, Core is a free all-in-one game creation, content sharing, and game-playing platform.

“Core makes game design radically accessible, allows people to collaborate and remix shared content, and makes publishing games possible in a matter of seconds. The result is an endless universe of multiplayer games to play and worlds to explore. From first-time game makers to experienced developers, Manticore invites everyone to help redefine game creation, distribution, and play by joining the Open Alpha today at”

Manticore says that the platform was designed to give the new generation of gamers and creators the tools to learn, experiment, and create new games and other forms of entertainment. The platform leverages the power of the Unreal Engine and makes it radically more accessible to give creators a fast and easy way to develop and publish high-quality online multiplayer games. Programming skills are a plus but not required.

“Core’s opt-in complexity lets more experienced users script game logic, create assets, and more, to produce original games,” says Manticore. “Or creators can remix and reimagine any content shared by others on the platform, generating new mash-ups within the community. With Core, creators can publish their work instantly.”

The Open Alpha build will allow users to create, publish, and play games with full multiplayer enabled. The developers will regularly be adding more features as development continues on the new platform. Core will also feature four complete games from Manticore from the get-go, as well as a growing list of multiplayer games and interactive experiences created by Closed Alpha users.

“Core is for everyone who wants to experiment and express their creativity in new ways,” says Manticore Chief Creative Officer. “Most gamers have had an idea they’ve been itching to see as a game and now, with Core, there is nothing standing in their way. Core is offering a full game studio and publisher in one free service. A YouTube and Twitch-like revolution is coming to how games are created and played — and Core is the launchpad of this new frontier.”

Take a look at what Core has to offer in the official Open Alpha trailer below.