MapleStory 2 CBT Begins Today, Will Run Until May 16

The English version of MapelStory 2 officially began its closed beta testing today (at 10AM PST) and it will run until May 16th. As with any highly anticipated beta launch there were some launch issues, but they got resolved pretty quickly. While there will be a wipe after closed beta testing, this is the first time players can try the official English version of the game.

I've already put in 4 hours and so so far I'm having a lot of fun. The game feels incredibly polished and I love the super cute visuals. I'm also excited to see what kind of custom clothing people make in-game. Obviously adult content / violent stuff is prohibited but it looks like the game lets you do anything without manual approval, which is convenient but could cause problems during a wider release.

If you're playing the beta and run into any bugs, make sure to submit them here!