Nexon Hiring MapleStory 2 Product Manager in California - Western Release Coming?


Nexon posted a job opening for a "Production Manager - MapleStory 2" for the company's office in El Segunda, California. This is the first bit of news we've seen that leads us to believe that MapleStory 2 may finally be coming to the West. The game never reached blockbuster status in South Korea and has been missing in recent Nexon investor presentations, but seeing this job posting means the company is working towards releasing the game in the West.

There's no word on a release date just yet though. All we know is that Nexon is looking to hire a production manager for the game in their SoCal office. Nexon hasn't even made a formal announcement about this, so the Western launch could still be many months or even a year away. As someone who has played the original MapleStory, I'm quite excited about this one, as I played the original MapleStory quite extensively. MapleStory 2 was missing from Nexon's GSTAR 2016 lineup and wasn't there last year either. So seeing the game finally coming to the West is definitely a surprise. A pleasant surprise.

Source: Job Posting

  • Ahhhhh! It's happening!!!!!

  • Hyyype!!

  • Yomi Index

    While there isn't any "endgame" that everybody freaking wants. The game is lots of fun.

    • chaoscauser

      Well give it time it will

      • Yomi Index

        Maybe or maybe not, but I don't really care since I can a lot of fun customizing and even killing stuff since combat is fun.

  • chaoscauser

    I have played a bit of the Korean version , it is somewhat fun but the early on experience is kind of dull for the explorer jobs.

  • The job listing is gone so the position may be filled. Maybe expect some news in some months...

  • Karasuno’s Guardian Deity

    i wonder when will they be hiring voice actors...