MapleStory 2 Skybound Expansion Coming December 6th

maplestory 2 classes

MapleStory 2's first major update, the Skybound Expansion is set to arrive in several phases with the first coming on December 6th.

The first phase will introduce a brand new class, the Soul Binder. Wielding a spiritual form of magic called animus, the Soul Binder has trained in the mysterious Halo Mountains and is now ready to join the battle for Maple World. The new class possesses both offensive and supportive abilities including Healing Bond, an area of effect ability that heals friendly players nearby.

A PvP arena called the Maple Arena is also making its way to MapleStory 2. Players will be able to take part in 1v1 duels as onlookers cheer. A whole new story arc centered around the recently constructed Sky Fortress also awaits players who have already reached level 50.

Accompanying the expansion will be a month long celebration event which grants all characters at level 10 and above a bundle of goodies. The two bundles and there contents are:

The Advanced Training Bundle:

  • Level-up Booster Ticket, which gives a +50% boost to your Combat, Performance and Fishing Experience, 50% more Meso Drops and +3% Physical and Magical attack for 90 minutes!
  • 30x Elixirs, which instantly restores 50% of your max health when consumed
  • 30x Master Potions, which instantly restores 500 health when consumed

The Level 60 Achievement Package: (can only be opened by lvl 60 chars)

  • Lv. 50 Level-up Potion, which instantly boosts a Lv. 1-49 character up to Lv. 50!
  • Exceptional Adventure Gear Box, which contains a full set of Exceptional Lv. 50 armor and
    weapons for the character that opens it. These items will be bound to your character, and the package can only be opened by a character at Lv. 50 or above
  • 2x Absolute Accessory Selection Box, which contains your choice of an Epic-quality Absolute Earring, Cape, Pendant, Ring or Belt
  • Epic Accessory Bonus Value Re-Roller: Allows you to re-roll the values of the bonus stats on an Epic Accessory. You will have the choice to take the new values, or keep the current ones. Must be used before 11:59 PM UTC on January 31st
  • Tier 1 Gemstone Box, which contains your choice of a Tier 1 Accuracy, Dexterity, Life, Luck, Offense, Power or Wisdom Gemstone

Read all about the first phase of the Skybound Expansion on the official page, and remember that this is just the first of many phases to come! MapleStory 2 has had a successful launch in the West, and it seems Nexon is intend on keeping the momentum going with a steady supply of updates. The development team has published a two-part producer letter that highlights the state of the game and what the future holds. Be to check out both Part 1 and Part 2 to learn what Nexon has in store for MS2!

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