MapleStory M Debuts New Kaiser Warrior Class And New Legion System

maplestory m kaiser warrior art bannerAs of today, MapleStory M players can now roll the new Kaiser Warrior class, a half-human, half-dragon hero armed with a two-handed sword, as all dragon warriors should be.

“Wielding a massive two-handed sword during battle, Kaiser is an ultra powerful Nova Warrior hero who can build up a Morph Gauge by performing combos and special attacks. Once filled, this Morph Gauge briefly allows Kaiser to become his true form, making him nearly-invincible for a short time.”

In addition to the Kaiser Warrior class, the latest game update also opens the door, or in this case, a portal to the new Grandis zone that comes complete with new monsters to hunt down. The update also introduces the new Legion System which replaces the old Maple Tree Festival.

“You can use the Legion System to become stronger with the Conquest Effect that can be activated through assigning your characters to the Synergy Grid, forming Legion Members. Increasing the Legion level/rank further strengthens your character by raising the Legion’s Cumulative Level,” explained the devs.

The developers have also made it easier to get from level 35 to level 220 by decreasing the EXP required to level up. Several in-game events are also running, including the Mega Burning event, which will make leveling new characters twice as fast.

The full patch notes can be found on the Nexon official forums.