MapleStory M Gets Its Own Dual Blade Class

maplestory m dual blade class key art banner

MapleStory M has just added another class to its roster with the arrival of the Dual Blade in the mobile MMORPG’s latest update. As with most dual-wield classes, the new Dual Blade class is perfect for players who prefer quick, dodge-y, critical-hitting characters.

“Nimble and acrobatic, the all-new Dual Blades are rogue thieves that have forsaken the Dark Lord that rules their guild. Armed with a dagger in one hand and a katara in the other, Dual Blades are agile and resilient, being able to receive numerous attack bonuses and obtain an extremely high critical hit rate. The highly mobile Dual Blade can chain together flashy combos and possess a very high dodge rate.”

The update also opens up a new area called Victoria Road and kicks off multiple in-game events to help get new Dual Bladers off to a running start, including level up events and additional rewards for completing a certain number of missions.

You can check out the newly-added class in action in the official release trailer below. You can also swordspin over to the MapleStory M official site for more info.