MapleStory M Introduces 3 New Explorer Classes and Extends Burning Event

MapleStory M, the mobile version of PC MMORPG MapleStory, released a big update today which introduced 3 new explorer classes: the Shadower (Thief), the Hero (Warrior), and the Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning Mage). These 3 new classes come just 1 month after the Evan class was introduced in January, and given how many other classes are still missing from the game compared to the PC version, I expect many more classes to be added this year.

Besides the 3 new classes, today's update also extends the ongoing burning event until February 20th, where players gain 2 extra levels for each level up for a total of 3 levels per level up.

Ongoing MapleStory M Events:

  • Update Celebration Event – Until January 31, players who log-on during the event period, will receive a special one-time gift
  • Burning Event – Until February 20, characters who level up between level 3 to 75 will earn 2 additional bonus levels for a total of 3 level ups
  • Growth Support Event – Until February 20, “Growth Support” boxes will be distributed as players reach certain levels with new Explorer classes to boost character growth
  • Lunar New Year Event - From February 1 - February 10, players can claim a Golden Pig Hat, Damage Skin, and a special Pet Package.

MapleStory M has hit 10 million downloads since launching globally on July 2018. Like other mobile MMORPGs, it prominently features auto-play. Besides the auto-play though, the game looks and plays more like the PC version of MapleStory than any other MapleStory mobile game.