MapleStory Will Get A Massive Content Drop This Month

maplestory 2 darkness loomsThe Black Mage has fallen! The big question is, what are MapleStory players going to do now that the ultimate fight is over and done with? Well, for starters the devs will be raising the level cap to 275 after being stuck at 250 for over five years with the launch of the New Beginnings update on January 23rd.

The update will also introduce new enemies, new level 200 Genesis weapons, and four new celebratory events including Gold Richie’s Lunar New Year Party which starts on January 30th.

“Players level 245 and above can relive valiant battles in Tenebris against the Black Mage as well as complete daily quests in these regions as they become permanently available. The game is also bringing new quests where players can obtain a weapon box containing Genesis weapons after defeating the Black Mage. Players can unleash the power of their Genesis weapons by completing missions to unlock their weapon’s full ability.”

Players also have the chance to earn new titles and Alliance Victory Appreciation Gifts. “The gifts get better as your Alliance Rank gets higher, so keep ranking up in order to get the best gifts possible.”

Head over to the MapleStory official site to learn more.