MapleStory Prepares To Kick Off 14th Anniversary Celebrations

maplestory 14th anniversary pink beanHeads up Maplers! MapleStory is gearing up to celebrate its 14th anniversary and Nexon has a whole host of anniversary events planned. During the anniversary event, players will also be able to participate in scenarios based on previous content and will once again be able to create a Pink Bean character.

The anniversary celebrations will be held on 14th Street starting April 24th and will run until June 12th. As part of the celebration, players will be able to participate in various events based on past seasonal updates including Chaos, Nova, and Ark. Players will receive the “14th Street Fairgoer” title and, upon completing all the anniversary missions, will be rewarded with the 14th Street Celeb medal and 14th Street Coins that they can use to purchase unique items in the special Bang Bang Store which will be open until June 12th.

Pink Bean will also be hanging out outside the Chaos Pink Bean Theatre for the duration of the event. Players will need to talk to Pink Bean to create a Pink Bean playable job. Pink Bean characters will be sporting brand new skills such as Pink Bean Scooter, which allows players to drive around in a scooter to avoid damage, and Twilight of Gods, which summons Temple of Time statues that attack enemies.

For a full list of events, check out the official MapleStory 14th Anniversary Page.