MapleStory Releases New Infographic With Cool Stats

Nexon released a cool new infographic today highlighting the popularity of MapleStory since its original release back in 2005. Despite its age, MapleStory remains one of the world's most popular MMORPGs and one of the world's most profitable MMORPGs.

Check it out below:

The stats that I found most interesting is that the game's most popular classes are almost all basic ones that were available when the game first launched. This leads me to believe that the game's playerbase has steadily declined over the years.

  • Leon Price

    Jesus, I tried to download maple story and it's 10gb of data. no thanks!

    • Index

      14gb for 14 years of content isn't a lot.

    • Maplestory is big man, its been around the same time as WoW and that game is triple the size of maplestory since its full on 3D. Plus, if I had to guess, a majority of that data lies in the sound and cinematic files instead of the actual gameplay content.

    • chaoscauser

      lol that's nothing compared to some games

  • Sockrates

    I like how Evan squeaked by Pirate and is on the top 5 list of popular classes with this stupid grin on his face

  • ivan_

    Usually MMO infographics really just show that a game is dying, like GW2 and RuneScape, which showed infographics once and never again (and even then it was all aggregate stats- i.e. how many total characters created or total playtime, very few hard numbers (lots of percentages tho)). It was shortly after launch, and shortly before a major update for each game respectively.

    This release for Maple was surprisingly positive, and shows that Maple is doing well in its old age. I never really enjoyed Maplestory myself, but I'm glad it is where it's at today. Hopefully it lives to see many more years.