MapleStory's Lab Server Now Live - Permadeath Mode

Nexon launched their 'Lab Server' for MapleStory today which is built on an entirely new rule-set than traditional MapleStory. The game's Lab Server is considered an ultimate test of skill as monsters are more powerful and the game has permadeath. Every death results in a complete reset of progress. In addition players won't be able to escape death easily by spamming potions as they'll have a 10 second cooldown. The lab server will be up from today until August 28, 2018 and players who participate will get rewarded with goodies on their main server.

Check out full details of the Lab Server below:

  • For a limited-time, you can play in Lab world where you can experience different concepts and try out new systems!
  • This is a hardcore game style where your character's level and stats reset after death!
  • The following characteristics apply to Lab:
    • Only 1 Explorer-class character can be created.
    • The character will begin at Lv. 10 in Henesys. Speak with Job Instructor Dr. Bebe to choose your first job.
    • If your character dies, they will reset back to a Lv. 10 Beginner. All of their Ability Points, Skill Points, Hit Points, and Mana Points will be reset. The character will respawn back in Henesys.
    • Monsters have 2x HP and 5x stats.
    • All potions have a 10 second cooldown.
    • No medal is given upon job advancement.
  • You can earn rewards through questing, and visit the coin shop for useful items.
  • Some items are unavailable in the Cash Shop: Maple Point Coupon, Safety Charm, Safety Gem, Respawn Token, Respawn Pass, Extra Character Slot Coupon, Leveling Packages, and Buff Freezer.
  • All NX used in the Lab Cash Shop will be refunded to the player as Maple Points (MP) after the end of the event. MP will be refunded to only one region (NA or EU) of the player's choice.
  • All MP used in the Lab Cash Shop will not be returned to the player.
  • All Maple Reward Points used in the Lab Cash Shop will not be returned to the player.
  • We will also be running a 2x EXP & Drop event on lab server for the entire duration! Power through your level-ups!
  • Please be aware that all reward boxes will also be available in Lab server. Since reward boxes can only be claimed once per account, please be sure to claim your reward boxes on your desired server.
  • [Updated August 8] The Lab server selection button may also not appear upon first login. If this happens, select a NA server and go to the character select screen, then go back to the server menu. The button for Lab server should appear.
  • [Updated August 8] Note that gift boxes obtained on the Lab server will be deleted after the Lab server is closed, so think carefully about which items you want to claim!


  • When hunting monsters within your level range (20 levels below and 20 levels above), the following items will drop:
    • Lab Server Coin
    • Dr. Bebe Strengthening Boost Potion (1 Day)
    • Mr. Saint’s Strengthening Boost Potion (Attack) (1 Day)
    • Dr. Bebe’s Mysterious Box (1 Day)
    • Life Changer Box (3 Hours)
  • Upon reaching the following levels, you'll receive a quest that will grant you a reward:
    • Reach Lv. 30: Dr. Bebe Strengthening Potion
    • Reach Lv. 70: Mysterious Meso Pouch
    • Reach Lv. 85: Lab Server Coin
    • Reach Lv. 100: Storm Growth Potion (7 Day)
    • Reach Lv. 120: Dr. Bebe Armor Supply Box (Advanced Player) and Dr. Bebe Weapon Supply Box (Advanced Player)
    • Reach Lv. 150: Legion Block, Celebration Chair, and Eternal Rebirth Flame (1 Day)
  • Once the Lv. 150 quest is completed, two additional quests will become available after your character dies:
    • Complete '[Lab Server] Level 200 Survivalist!': Enhanced Legion Block and Eternal Rebirth Flame (1 Day)
    • Complete '[Lab Server] Defeat Lab Server Von Leon with the Strange PT Bottle': Lab Server Master Crown and Eternal Flame Rebirth (1 Day)