MapleStory's Newest Character "Illium" Officially Launches

MapleStory continued its season long Nova update today with the introduction of yet another new character class, the Illium. The Illium character is a Magician class that utilizes a special item called the Lucent Gauntlet to craft magical weapons and "harness the power of the ancient crystal". Players who pre-made their Illium characters leading up to today's release can finally begin playing them.

With the Illium launching just a month or so after the Cadena, MapelStory has done a tremendous job of keeping the game fresh. In fact, I personally came back to MapleStory with the launch of the Cadena to try out the new class and have been playing the game casually since. I plan on trying the new Illium class now too.

Check out the new Illium class in action below:

Check out the full Nova trailer below:

Learn more about the Nova update on Nexon's Nova landing page.