Master x Master Launches Update 1.3, New Master "Titus" Added

master x master roster

Master x Master update 1.3 has officially launched today and with it comes a brand new master, Titus - the "Death Defying Support Master". Also included in today's update is t he new game mode Natium Defense Line" which is a co-op challenge where players need to defend their base against 30 waves of increasing difficult enemies. As with any major update some balance changes have also been introduced. For a full list of changes check out the full patch notes.

Master x Master is a tag-team action MOBA developed and published by NCSoft. Individual attacks must be aimed and players can switch between characters instantly (with a cooldown). So think of it as something like Battlerite or Smite except everyone gets 2 heroes instead of 1 and can switch between them freely. To learn more about the game check out my first look video below:

  • Heinrich Libich

    Should have mentioned the community feedback regarding this patch. Pretty awful patch and a pretty awful time. NCSOFT ladies and gentlemen.

    • Preciel

      I can't complain there are worse companies like nexon, aeria, gamescampus, gamengame lol

      • Heinrich Libich

        Sadly being bad at publishing games is a common disease under publishing companies -_-