Master x Master Shutting Down on January 31st, 2018

NCSoft announced today that Master x Master, the company's unique hero-swapping MOBA, will be shutting down on January 31st, 2018. Until the servers shut down, players will have access to the following:

  • All players will receive 500,000 X-Coin to unlock all content
  • The community-developed Lua skin will be made available to all players for 1 X-Coin
  • Real money purchases on the MXM Store will be permanently disabled
  • All game modes will be turned on, and available at all times
  • Refunds in full on purchases made between Aug. 30 and Nov. 16. This will happen automatically within the next 7-14 days, and will be refunded via the same method the purchase was made, if possible. For additional refund specifics

Given the unique nature of Master x Master, it's sad to see the game shut down. The game's tag team mechanic made it unique amongst all MOBAs. The game did have a bit of an identity problem though which may have contributed to its demise. Was it a MOBA or an MMORPG? It did have some PvE elements and players needed to do PvE to gain access to stat enhancing nodes.

While I personally really enjoyed the game's 3v3 Battlerite like arena mode, I wasn't a big fan of the 5v5. Still, I'm sad to see the game shutting down.

  • Preciel

    ncsoft rekt

    • DucturTunma

      nah, dunno. I tried it and didnt get into it at all. After my first 2 matches I didnt want to play any other. Then I checked out PvE and it felt just meh. It was like they tried to get too much out of it, imo. If I wanted to play a MOBA, there were plenty other to choose from, dungeon based PvE? Also a wide choice to choose from. Unpolished, with so so visuals. was expecting something more from it

      • Preciel

        i enjoyed the 3v3 mode, and you probably haven't tried the special missions to unlock certain masters, i liked those better than the random missions.

        i unlocked my favorate master v-merang but she didn't seem all that good lol.

        it gets on my nerves when i see these developers and publishers not giving a damn about their game, perhaps they forgot how to develop / manage a game or maybe they weren't trying at all to begin with but it took us too long to realize that.

        • DucturTunma

          I think that no one nowadays cares about f2p games. They just make them to get that fast money and then leave it to make a new clone game that will learn the same money and get replaced again. Because there will always be people buying lots of stuff in the first few months even before release

  • Zariarn

    Six months is all the life that game had? I didn't play it so I don't know the reasons but I find it crazy that its shutting down so quickly.

    • Preciel

      more like 3 to 4 months because it died after that questionable update when they increased the sol cost for unlocking a master.

      • Chris Swan

        ikr when i played i saved up for a champ took me a good while do to lvling up the next day when im ready to buy the master she was double the motherfucking cost.... i never left a game so fast in my god dam life and never picked it back up even though its still installed on my comp but you dont do shit like that i mean it wasnt all bad like they did remove some of the bs stuff you had to do to get some masters and removed lvl requirements for some others but they hicked up the price for alot of the masters witch turned everyone off and its sad i ahd fun with MxM but dam they made the grind to real and way to much bs

  • Feto

    I guess this is one of the cons of being a F2P game, if the game fails it just disappears. Instead B2P/P2P games were they just go F2P first and if the game keeps failing then disappears for good (unless its some old mmorpg like those that keep showing up on steam, wtf.)

  • Augosyx

    My only complaint to this game is how bad the connection is if you're not in the States (or wherever Western NCSoft is located), sad to this game shutting down. 2017 isn't a good year for MMOs.

    • Preciel

      not sure what you mean by this, i play far far away from the states and had no issue, perhaps your internet isn't stable enough to play foreign games

      • Augosyx

        I play lots of NA-based MMO (FFXIV, BnS didn't gave me issues too) so I know by heart my connection wasn't the issue.

        • Chris Swan

          Augosyx im in the states and i didnt have any problems with latency think it might jsut be your comp bro

  • Bloom

    I forgot this game existed.