Metro Conflict: The Origin Shutting Down on June 21st (Again)

Red Duck, the folks behind Metro Conflict: The Origin, announced that the free to play tactical shooter will be shutting down on June 21st, 2018. This is the second time the game is shutting down, and will likely be the last as this version was self-published by the developer. Given the huge success of Black Squad (7,500+ average players), it's no surprise other Korean lobby shooters are having difficulty attracting users.

Metro Conflict has had a bit of a rough history. The game was originally available in the West through OG Planet as a free to play game. A few months after release, OG Planet shut the game down after it failed to attract a large enough audience to warrant supporting the game. Over a year later, Red Duck relaunched Metro Conflict as Metro Conflict: Origin and went with a buy to play business model, which failed utterly. No more than 20 players were ever online at once when we game was buy to play. Not sure why they thought charging money for a game that failed to attract users when it was free was a good idea, but after a short while, the game went free to play and ran for about 5 months before this most recent closure announcement. RIP Metro Conflict.

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