Metro Conflict Relaunching as Metro Conflict: The Origin On October 27th

Metro Conflict, the sci-fi themed FPS developed by Red Duck (makers of Alliance of Valiant Arms) is relaunching and will be available on Steam on October 27th, 2017. The game features 12 unique characters as well as improvements over the original Metro Conflict. October 27th marks the start of the game's closed beta and anyone who participates will be given limited edition exclusive skins. The new Metro Conflict: Origin will also feature a brand new EXD (Extreme Domination) as well as other improvements. The game's store page is already up and available here. The release date on Steam is set for November, 2017.

Unlike the first game, Metro Conflict: Origin will be a buy to play title and will be available for early access at a $19.99 price tag. This is definitely unusual as Red Duck's previous titles have all been free to play. Plus, given the enormous success of the free to play Korean lobby based shooter Black Squad (5300 average concurrent users), Metro Conflict origin may have a tough time getting users to pay up.

The original Metro Conflict game was available briefly through OGPlanet, but it shut down on April 25th, 2016 as OGPlanet began scaling back their operations. Metro Conflict is a 6v6 tactical shooter that plays a lot like Combat Arms / Alliance of Valiant Arms, but has a sci-fi theme to it which helps it differentiate itself from other Korean lobby based shooters.

Check out my first look for the original Metro Conflict below:

The reason provided for going buy to play instead of the expected free to play is as follows:

Here at Red Duck, we pride ourselves in having exceptional experience with over 10 years of experience developing & servicing various Free to Play models and therefore fully understand the positive aspects of F2P as well as its limitations in terms of game’s progressive growth. Therefore, one of several significant decisions we’ve made in relation to launching Metro Conflict: The Origin was the transition from ‘Free to Play’ to ‘Pay to Play’. The idea is for our users to purchase our full game which includes all content to be accessible without having to pay for additional elements to fully experience the gameplay. This change also allows our game to be and remain a balanced online multiplayer FPS where we can strictly avert away from potential P2W scenarios. -Admin at MetroConflict Origin Forums

Metro Conflict: The Origin’s package nature will include the following:

  • Starting with our Early Access launch, Metro Conflict: The Origin is expected to be available for $19.99 through Steam.
  • Full range of all 12 characters will be made available.
  • All weapons are permanent once purchased and will be made available through the in-game store via credits obtained through gameplay. (collectable through gameplay; non-cash oriented)
  • There are various character and weapon skins available to be obtained either through; gameplay and/or events. These skins offer cosmetic effects but do not alter weapon mechanics.