Mgame Is Attempting To Get Hero Online And Scions Of Fate Onto Steam

This news may very well come as a surprise for several reasons. Yes, both Hero Online and Scions of Fate are still up and running in the West; in fact, Scions of Fate—or Yulgang, as it is known everywhere else—is still doing quite well in Korea. After years of relative inactivity, Mgame—or Netgame, as the company is known here in the West—is attempting to get both games onto Steam by way of Greenlight. You can find Hero Online's page here and Scion of Fate's here.

Perhaps appropriately, the games' Greenlight pages seem to have received as much care as the games themselves have here in the West over the years. Each has a scant description that barely describes the actual game and a mere three screenshots, each of which clearly shows that the game is running in windowed mode.

Should you be feeling nostalgic about either title, you can vote for them on Greenlight—Hero Online here and Scions of Fate here.