Mojang Is Shutting Down Scrolls

On February 6, Mojang announced their decision to close down the official servers for their digital card game Scrolls.

The game's servers will shut down on February 13, five years after the game's initial beta launch.

To Mojang's credit, they are working on ways to allow the community to keep the game alive. Players will be provided a method to host private servers. Hopefully this preserves the game in a playable state for its existing community and posterity.

Scrolls gained a level of notoriety during its development when Bethesda filed a lawsuit alleging copyright infringement due to the similarity in name with their The Elder Scrolls franchise. The two parties settled prior to the 2013 release of Scrolls, but the case marks the high water mark in the game's popularity. With the continued success of Minecraft, and failure of Scrolls to attract a larger audience, its not suprisingly that the company finally decided to pull the plug.

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