Monster Strike English Version Closing In August

Despite being the second highest grossing mobile game in the world last month, Monster Strike announced plans to close down its English language version earlier today. The rather percular Japanese mobile game combined elements of RPG gameplay with pinball style physics.

When Japanese studio Mixi first released Monster Strike in September 2013, it saved the struggling company and went on to gross over $3.8 million a day. The English language version was released in October 2014, but it has clearly not caught on with Western gamers the same way it has in East Asia. Besides its home turf of Japan, the game remains active in China and Korea.

Dear Strikers,

After running for several years, it pains us to say it, but the English version of Monster Strike will be closing. It was hard to come to this decision, but despite efforts to keep the English version going, it hasn’t quite seen the success we had hoped for.

The game hopes to go out with a bang and has released a schedule for the last few months of the service's life:

Though Monster Strike is ending, we’ll be going out with a bang. Here is the schedule over the next few months (times in ET):

May 2017 – New Transcensions, a new Colossal Quest, and the Tower of Champions will be released
June 2017 – New event series will be rapidly released along with daily and new Impossible Quests
July 2017 – Plentiful login rewards, new event series, daily and new Impossible Quests will be released
July 2nd, 2017 – In-game purchases, new installs, and data recovery will be disabled
August 1st, 2017 – Servers will shutdown

The official post is well worth reading and includes a Q&A section. A few important highlights: there will be no refunds or transfers to other versions of the game. Additionally, the game will remain on the App stores until July and players can keep spending money in-game though I wouldn't recommend doing so...

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